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RaySoo is one of Asia’s leading djs. His unique and quirky sense of electronic house music has taken him the world over. Steadily building up a strong catalogue of his very own style of productions on various acclaimed international labels, he was named ‘Best New DJ’ 2004 and ‘Best DJ’ 2005 two years in a row in Malaysian club culture and dance music bible Juice magazine’s ‘Best of’ poll. After touring Europe, China and South East Asia and also maintaining his homeland residencies during 2007. 2008 will see him holding residencies in various locations around the world, more touring, an artist album in the pipeline and also the launch of his brand new label Love International.

Ray started djing at the age of 14, and at 17 was one of the first DJs to play at the now legendary Zouk Singapore on numerous occasions for the very first “Sessions” parties in the early 90’s, and holds the distinction of being the youngest dj featured there. His talent and passion for the music continued to enhance his regional profile, playing at such infamous clubs as Barracuda, Samsara and Liquid Room – culminating in his headlining performance at the massive 1998 Commonwealth Games Outdoor Closing Party at The Mines resort in Kuala Lumpur.

Moving to London nearly a decade ago and securing residencies at such nights as GTI @ The Slug & Lettuce, RareFM radio, the self-organised Robot Rebellion @ The Drome and Ersatz @ Push, as well as numerous guest spots that include Kwaito @ Revolution, Gelb (Potsdam) and the Projektor Berlin Love Parade after-parties, he has successfully continued promoting his brand of cutting-edge electronic dance music to receptive European audiences.

After being offered a full time residency at the newly opened Zouk Kuala Lumpur in 2004, Ray relocated back to Malaysia and held his residency for 3 strong years at Zouk K.L. There, he continued to showcase his versatility in commanding the club’s Main Room dancefloor with his signature sets that cover an impressive range of electronic dance music genres – swerving from minimal to maximal house and techno via the freshest style-defining sounds from a multifaceted landscape of influences from around the world – and playing alongside the likes of Carl Cox, Tiefschwarz, John Digweed, and Sven Vath. His clubnite Push in the mainroom, gearing towards more energetic house and techno sounds, received overwhelming response since its inception in October 2004, and his new ongoing nite Hotel Scandalos, winning ‘Best New Clubnite” in Juice magazines ‘best of 2006 awards’, sees him purveying more experimental house sounds to offer a genuine alternative to club based dance music in the region.

In 2007, Ray launches his new label Love International, and will be focusing on the production side of music. His original tracks have been receiving very positive support from the likes of house heavyweight John Digweed to techno veteran Marco Bailey – releasing on labels YounanMusik, Raum Musik, Pornography and Cr2 records plus remixes on the likes of Pure Substance records. His forays into production have also opened up new possibilities in his DJing, as integrating not only his own remixes of tracks but also re-edits and sampledelia into his sets create a semi-live feel to his already innovative performances.

But for Ray, this is just the beginning of a long journey through the magic of music and djing – to reach out to the people on the dancefloors around the world. Lets rock!

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Electronic strolls between the legendary venues of ‘Omen’ & ‘Box’ in early 1990s Frankfurt, Germany taught Sebastian Scholz aka TOOTEKOOL his decidedly House & Techno roots.

Roots that, upon his shift to Shanghai, planted the unexpected beginnings of an electronic musical movement. A musical movement of necessity in what was the barren early 2000 climate of club culture & underexposed electronic sound in China.

And now, basing himself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, TOOTEKOOL, has now played the legendary likes of Sven Vath’s Cocoon Club (Frankfurt) & Batofar (Paris); and in Asia heads Shanghai’s premier Electronic Art Platform. A platform which instigated China’s first Abelton Live Music Production Workshop, various  Jazz Scene collaborations, and a thriving number of artistic installations, performances & events. A platform which concentrates on integrating the electronic with the analogue, the visual with the audible, and brings & pushes artistes such as Jeff Milligan, Mathais Schaffaeuser & Sam Reynold to those on Asia’s side of the seas.

The barren climate of Shanghai now breeds an alternative. A place where the electronic exists and where club culture is no longer only corporately driven.

A place where TOOTEKOOL; amidst having held and holding residencies, and having toured around all that is China, as well as heading what stands as Shanghai’s premier Electronic Art Platform, now sets his sights on expanding his platform – and remains a driving force behind the continued success of this electronic journey.


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